But it has been said before. But it has been said before


Very few ideas are truly original. Much of the internet is based on a personal view or analysis of an existing idea. I train jiu jitsu. There are literally millions of jiu jitsu videos on youtube explaining how to do techniques. Hundreds more are added every day. 99.9% of these videos do not show new techniques, instead they show someone’s interpretation of an existing technique.

Sharing your perspective on an idea is important. We are all different and see the world in different ways. Our reality is unique to us based on our prejudices and life experiences.

Telling the world about your thoughts on an existing idea may help someone finally get it. It could be the missing piece of information that completes the puzzle. Helping them go from frustration and road blocks, to knowledge. From darkness to light.

Pinterest, one of the fastest growing websites ever, does nothing more than allow you to curate existing information in a graphical format.

As Pinterest demonstrates, sharing an existing idea in a different format, media or platform can also be useful. I think this is due to the different way humans process information (visual, auditory or kinaesthetic).

Two things to consider to ensure your interpretation of an idea provides value for someone else.

1. Avoid the disaster of copy and pasting the original idea. Provide your own commentary and analysis in different formats. This will resonate with some people (this is important) and not with other (this is not important).

2. Make it awesome. Make it have the wow factor. Make it unmissable for the people that care. There is a jiu jitsu instructional video that shows 57 techniques in 8 minutes. All these techniques are available in other videos. But this video has been edited to provided maximum value in under five minutes. This is amazing and simply unmissable for anyone that does jiu jitsu.

On a personally level the act of interpreting and building upon other peoples ideas allows you to learn. A potential side effect of this is that others will start to trust your voice and opinion. I think this is how experts are made.


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