Where you live determines where you go.

Not the postcode where you live but the time where you live.

Live in the past and you will ultimately move in a direction you cannot control as you cannot change the past.

Live in the future and you can create what happens, which means you can choose the direction you move.

Focus on what you can change, ignore what you can’t.




Every success can be deemed a failure by someone, somewhere.

Every failure can be deemed a success by someone, somewhere.

Define you own metrics for success and you can grow.



Start with respecting yourself, this will then spread to others respecting you.

Easy? Well, yes and no.

It is easy to respect yourself if you are living the life that you are proud of.

However to get to this point, you will need to make difficult decisions that may require you to do something different.

Living a different life to what your friends, family and popular culture expects you can be tough.

Measuring success and wealth is objective and personal to the individual.

Be brave, live the life you deserve, measure success by your happiness.



Are you a support act or the main event?

There is no right or wrong answer. Being either can give you everything you want financially and spiritually.

The problem occurs when you you fail to decide which you want to be.

Try to be both and you will be neither.

Fail to decide to which you want to be and you will operate aimless. This will cause you constant guilt and frustration as you try to achieve an unknown goal. Never knowing if what you are doing is moving you closer or further from a happiness you have not defined.



Blockages will only get worst if not addressed.

Forward movement is almost impossible if the path is blocked.

Small blockages are easier to clear than large ones. However, small blockages quickly become larger if not dealt with.

The investment of time and effort to clear a blockage is also an investment in the platform you build on.

A solid platform provides a solid foundation.

The twists and turns of longterm success can only ever built on a solid foundation.



Everyone has something to give. However, not everyone has the courage to give.

Giving can be writing an article, shooting a video, stopping to help, building a company, a reassuring smile. Giving is the act of making a difference to the world by creating something.

Giving is not reciprocal. You often do not get anything in return.

Worst case scenario is when you have some to give and you are scared so you decide not to give. You still want to, so you use the energy in to do something that someone else wants you to do. This leaves you unsatisfied and most probably grumpy.

Best case scenario is that you give and this helps someone else.

Giving is a form of expression – we all have the capacity to express our thoughts or feelings, so it is a waste not to.

Try to find a way to express yourself, this will help you and others start to join the dots.



Busy is having your day filled with lots of things to do.

I believe the aim should be to be as busy as possible doing things you want to do.

Be busy. Be happy.



It only ever matters what you believe. Everything else is secondary, including what others believe.

You belief is only limited by your fear.

Patience and persistence


Waiting for the results of your good work to bear fruit can be hard.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to achieve something that is ‘always in your eye line and always out of reach’.

Hold tight, be consistent and persist with the plan. There is no guarantees, expect one, if you stop you will not achieve the goal.



The labels we give ourselves affect our behaviour. Our behaviour affects the labels others give us. The labels others give us affect the way they treat us. The way others treat us affects the labels we give ourselves.

The only part of this cycle we can control is how we think of ourselves.

If you are unhappy start with making your happy with yourself. Do what you think is right. Do what you believe should be done. The outside world will then fall into place.

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